Himalayan pink salt coarse

Available in:
  • 90g Grinder
  • 500g Carton box

NEZO Himalayan pink salt originates from the Himalayas. It is rich in minerals and trace elements, which gives the salt a milder flavour.


The shape and size of a salt grain determine the flavor impact. That is why NEZO salt is crystallized in various sizes. NEZO  salt has courser, angular grains, which give off a lot more taste straight away because of their shape.

Himalayan Pink Salt

NEZO Himalayan pink salt is one of the oldest types of salt in the world, containing many minerals that are important to your body. The salt is sourced in the Himalayas and is naturally mild and tasteful. It gets its beautiful pink color from iron oxide and is typically millions of years old.


Why do you need finishing salt in your kitchen? Our salt collection consists of unrefined, all-natural salts that enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes — just a pinch can add voice and texture. When applied to your dishes as a finishing touch, salt will stand out more as an individual ingredient and -depending on the size of the grind- provide a more subtle taste or an excellent crunch.