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Luqaimat with salted caramel


For the salted caramel:

• 80 ml water
• 250 gms sugar
• 1 tsp vanilla extract
• 120 ml heavy cream
• 25 gms unsalted butter
• Pinch of Nezo fine Idoized Table Salt

Put a medium non stick pan over high heat. Pour in the water. Carefully pour in the sugar and bring to a boil. Cook for 3 to 4 mins or until sugar starts to turn golden brown. Mix in the vanilla extract. Pour in the cream carefully. Give it a good stir and whisk in the butter. Mix well till everything is incorporated well. Lastly add a good pinch of Pinch of Nezo fine Idoized Pure Salt . Remove and cool. 

For the Luqaimat: 

• 1 cup all purpose flour
• 1 tbsp cornflour
• 1 tbsp heaped yogurt
• 1 tsp instant yeast
• 1 tbsp sugar
• 1/2 to 3/4 cup warm milk
• Pinch of Nezo Salt Flakes


1. Mix all the dry ingredients. Slowly add warm milk and give it a good mix to form a dough. Once mixed well, cover the bowl with a damp cloth. Leave to rest for 2 to 3 hours

2. When ready to fry, give the dough a good mix again. Heat oil in a deep pot. Make small balls and deep fry luqaimat till golden brown. Remove and arrange on a serving platter. Drizzle some warm salted caramel syrup over it & garnish with Nezo Salt Flakes. Ready to serve.